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Calliope Craft Workshops 

Recogizing a need for poets serious about learning elements of their craft, Calliope began its winter series of Craft Workshops in January, 2011. Each workshop is led by a senior poet who teaches specific aspects of craft. In a careful examination of memorable, published poems, lessons about craft are illustrated. Topics and instructors change monthly from December through March. This is not a critique workshop of one's own poems,  but an in-depth exploration of how excellent poems are constructed. Topics have included: use of sound, contemporary forms, moving poems about relationship from the personal to the universal, lineation, the lyric narrative, finding one's poetic voice, ekphrastic poems, and other topics.

The Craft Workshops meet in the Lower Activity Room of the West Falmouth Library on a Saturday, from 11 AM to 2:00 PM. The fee is modest for the workshops, which are limited in size. Participants leave with an improved knowledge of how excellent poetry is created that will deepen their own writing.  See a video of Calliope's Founding Director, Alice Kociemba, talking about the Calliope craft workshops.  

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Upcoming Workshops


January 23, 2016

Alan Feldman

Topic: Jump-Start: a Generative Workshop


February 7, 2016

Fred Marchant

Topic: a Sense of an Ending



March 12, 2016

Susan Donnelly

Topic: Choices and Changes (Revision & Critique



Previous Workshops


March 21: Jenny Barber, The Music of Syntax
February 21: Patrick Donnelly, How to Be a Good Public Reader of Your Own Writing
January 24: Justen Ahren, A Monastic Approach to Writing

March 22: Jennifer Jean, Impossible Love/Impossible Beauty
January 25: Susan Donnelly, Poetry as Practice

March 23: David Surette, The Lyric Narrative Poem
February 23: Sheila Whitehouse, Selecting the Euphonious and Cacophonous
January 26: Sandra Kohler, Creating the Process: Trusting the Creator

December 1: Lorna Knowles Blake, The Gazer's Spirit: A Poetry Workshop
March 24: Christine Casson, The Pattern of the Dance
February 25: Barry Hellman, Writing Poems About Family, Friends, Lovers and Others
January 28: Sheila Whitehouse: A Burble Through the Tulgey Wood, Or How to Use Meter and Sound in Poetry

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